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Prosthetic dental treatments are procedures that involve the use of dental prosthetics to replace missing teeth or other structures in the mouth. These treatments can be used to restore both the function and appearance of the teeth, and can help to improve the patient's overall quality of life. There are several different types of prosthetic dental treatments, including dentures, partials, and dental implants.

Dentures are one of the most common types of prosthetic dental treatments. They are a removable appliance that is used to replace all or some of the teeth in the mouth. Partial dentures are used when only some of the teeth are missing, while complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing. Dental implants are another type of prosthetic dental treatment. They involve surgically placing an artificial tooth root into the jawbone and attaching a custom-made crown on top. This provides a long-lasting and durable replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. Prosthetic dental treatments can greatly improve the patient's ability to eat and speak, as well as improve their confidence in their smile.


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