It is an important type of intervention in dental treatments depending on the condition of the teeth. It can be used for a significant part of the dental problems identified in time and at the same time prevent further deterioration of the teeth.

Our dentistry makes the same fillings in both white and tooth color after prior consultation with the patient. Inlay / onlay can also be considered as a special name for dental fillings. These are special types of fillings for the treatment of molars that are inserted in place of the patterned tooth / hole according to their shape.

The process of filling a tooth is relatively simple. First, the carious parts must be completely removed under local anesthesia, then, after proper preparation of the walls of the dental cavity, the inserted filling material is hardened and finally the surface of the filling is adjusted for better biting for the patient.


A fogászati kezelések egy fontos tényezője és a fogak állapotától függően. Az időben felismert fogászati problémák egy jelentős része esetén alkalmazható és ezzel

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